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E-razor 450
E-razor 450 by Dynam

This was my first 6 channel CP helicopter. I bought it through www.xheli.com for about $200. While it has some minor issues, I have to say that I think this is the best value for the money in R/C helicopters today.
Many parts of the E-razor 450 are compatible with the T-Rex 450 SE V1 from Align. The heli appears to be a clone of the Blade 4. One big difference between the E-razor and the T-Rex (or Blade) is price. The E-razor costs about 1/4 the price.
If you are thinking about buying this helicopter, please do as much reading about it as you can. There are some issues with the transmitter that could prove to be dangerous and/or expensive if you don't understand them fully.  Basically, this heli can go completely crazy when you start it up if you don't 1) make sure the idle up switch on the right of the controller is away from you, and 2) make sure the throttle stick on the left is all the way down. A better radio/receiver won't have this problem. Many of us who own this helicopter have already replaced the transmitter and receiver.
There are some great sources of information on line. One of my favorite sites to learn about this heli has been: www.mycoolheli.com. Another great source of information is the forums on www.rcdiscuss.com and www.rcgroups.com. You'll find R/C heli flying has some of the nicest, most helpful people of any hobby out there.
Here are some helpful instructions for you: 

Instructions for E-razor feathering shaft repair.

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