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E-razor feathering shaft repair

The feathering shaft is one of the most easily damaged parts on the helicopter. If you have had the main blades strike anything... you most likely need to change the feathering shaft.
How to tell if the feathering shaft is bent...
     Sometimes, it is easy to tell when you need to replace this part. My first crash for example... one blade grip was still attached to the head, the other was 12' away. Other times, the feather shaft may only be very slightly bent.  Here is what you can do... take both main blades off. Put a 1.5mm hex wrench on one of the feathering shaft bolts and turn it. If the shaft is bent, you'll see the other grip move up and down. If it isn't bent, you won't see any movement.
Replacing the shaft...
     Using two 1.5 mm hex wrenchs, turn in opposite directions until one of the screws comes loose. If the parts are stuck, you must apply a little heat with a soldering iron. I've never had this problem because I only use a tiny amount of blue thread locker. From the factory, I couldn't get either screw to come loose and I couldn't salvage the screws or washers. I think they used a permanent type of thread lock. If this happens, you'll have to cut or break the feathering shaft.
     Once you have one screw out, you can slide the blade grip off. Use ball link pliars to remove the link from the ball on the side of the blade grip and completely remove it. You should now be able to slide the feathering shaft out. If the feathering shaft is bent too much, you might have to straighten it out first using a pair of pliars.
For the E-razor, the order is like this...
1) Cap screw,
2) washer,
3) ball bearing (inside of the blade grip),
4) blade grip,
5) ball bearing (inside of the blade grip,
6) aluminum step washer (the large diameter toward the head),
7) rubber o-ring,
8) another rubber o-ring,
and finally the head block.
Other side is the same way. Put it all back together and use a little locktite on the feathering shaft screw. I use my finger to wipe off the excess so that just a little remains in the threads. You don't want to get locktite on the bearings or the outside of the shaft.  
     If you can't find feathering shafts for the 450 E-razor, the 3mm Align T-rex 450 feathering shaft (HS1003) is a perfect match. Beam E4 BMH421315 feathering shafts also works great, the design is much stronger than Align's. The Beam shafts are a little different, they are threaded on the end and use a nylon lock nut to hold them on.
     I'd really recommend buying the feathering shafts specifically for the e-razor from xheli. It is true that they are softer than those made by Align... but, I think that is what you want with this part. Beam feathering shafts are even more robustly designed. I think of the feathering shaft as a sacrificial part. It breaks so other parts survive. It is better to spend less than a buck per shaft to fix the heli, than to have to spend much more to fix other parts as well.

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