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450 R/C Helicopters

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This website is about 6 channel 450 size radio controlled helicopters. For a beginner, I would not recommend this type of helicopter. Also, these are not toys. They can do serious damage and you must always be cautious around them.
That said, the are challenging to build, fun to control, and facinating to watch. A 6 channel helicopter is about as complicated as R/C helicopters get. It has a channel for 1) throttle in normal mode, 2) collective pitch in idle-up mode, 3)tail rudder, 4) fore/aft cyclic, 5) left/right cyclic, and 6) gyro gain.

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If you are new to R/C, I would recommend that you don't try to start with a 450 helicopter. It is much easier to start with an indoor co-axial helicopter. I'd recommend the Lama 2 made by Walkera. It is stable, yet flies fast enough to be challenging for several months. Next, I'd recommend trying your hand at a fixed pitch heli. I have the CB100, also by Walkera. It is almost as stable as a co-axial, but can be tuned to be very agressive.
Before trying to fly a collective pitch heli like the T-rex 450, I'd strongly recommend a good flight simulator like Realflight G4 or Realflight G5. This will let you learn what you need to know and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

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