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Romanian Crosses & Chip Carving
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These are Troit(s)ae. Romanian Orthodox Crosses.

These crosses were hand carved using a technique called chip carving. Just like the name implies; tiny chips of wood are removed to form geometric patterns. The larger one is made from cherry wood. The smaller one is made from oak.

Usually, crosses like these in Romania are large. The one at our church is 15' tall!
You see in this design, three cross. The one in the center is the cross of Jesus. The two smaller crosses are the crosses of the thieves who were crucified with him.

Chip carving is also popular in traditional Ukrainian folk art not to mention in Switzerland, Germany, and even much of northern Europe.  

This is a close-up of chip carving.
You can see little chips are remove to make pattern.

Would you like to carve a troitsa? Click here and I'll show you how.